The art of DJ’ing has come a long way from its early days in the 80’s where style distinguished a DJ and technique was crucial. Today, DJ’ing represents being a part of that long and deep-rooted culture of hip-hop where style still distinguishes a DJ and technique enhances their skill and separates the good from the great. Mixing and scratching with vinyl is also a trait that is an art form in itself, which few DJ’s today know how to do and do it well. DJGALAXY learned the art of mixing, scratching but also created his love for all styles of music. Now in the 21st Century with technology flourishing, programs such as Virtual DJ, Mix Miester has enabled new generations to become DJ’s with ease. While the technology of Virtual DJ and Mix Miester has made it easier to create mixes, the technique that past generations of DJ’s have mastered has been a lost art form. DJGALAXY recognizes the technological advances in These Programs and appreciates the creative possibilities it has to offer but still manages to instill the old school techniques of mixing and scratching. The ability of integrating the past and future puts DJGALAXY above the rest when it comes to DJ’ing. While being constantly surrounded by music, whether it’s creating new sets, practicing new scratches, or producing original music, Galaxy realizes that music is constantly changing and growing. DJGALAXY encompasses the growth of all types of music and continuously learns and expresses it through his great ability to mix the different genres together so that everyone can learn and appreciate it as he has. When not rocking the airwaves of Fox Valley’s #1 biggest radio station B104 FM, DJGALAXY can be heard at Some of Fox Valley’s Hot spots performing his signature sets where he cleverly blends Top 40, Hip Hop, 90’s, Electro/House, Dubstep, Rock, and 80’s. “I always try to tastefully incorporate some of my turntablist foundation in my club sets without taking away from the music. Just in case there are other DJ’s in the club, I want to make sure they know I can get down on the Blends and Cuts.” – DJGALAXY